Strawberries are closed for 2021. We will open the farm for apple season Labor Day weekend.

open days

We are open for u-pick starting Friday, June 11.

Daily hours*:
Tuesday: 8:00-11:00
Wednesday: 8:00-11:00
Thursday: 8:00-11:00
Friday: 8:00-11:00
Saturday: 8:00-3:00
Sunday: 8:00-11:00
Monday: closed

*The patch may be picked out before 11:00 some days. If that happens, we will update the red banner on the front page. Please check the banner, or call/text to confirm that we are still picking.


U-pick berries are $2.50/lb. We provide picking containers, or you can bring your own.

Pre-picked berries are $5/qt or $35/flat. A flat is about 8 quarts. Please pre-order using the form at the bottom of this page.

We accept cash, check or card on-site.

safety practices

We have a handwashing station and encourage you to use it. We have a porta potty available for customer use.

Our spray practices

The berries you pick here have not been sprayed. We apply fungicide to the plants at the flowering stage (before berries have formed) to prevent mold. You may choose to rinse the berries just before eating in case of soil sticking to them. 

Pre-pick orders are full for the season

Thank you to our loyal pre-pick customers! We are not able to fill any more orders this season. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Preferred contact method (choose one):

Enter your order details:

Thank you for your order! We will contact you to confirm your order size and pickup date and time.