We are closed for the season. Thank you for coming out! We hope to see you next June for strawberry picking.


Self-serve store open daily for pre-picked apples & squash: 10:00-6:00

U-pick has ended for the season - thanks for joining us!

Picking Conditions

Remember that you'll be picking apples outside - on rainy days the grass gets wet and the ground gets muddy!

We do provide picking bags, but we invite you to bring your own reusable bag.


- Zestar!

- Kindercrisp

- Honeycrisp

- Honeygold

(We will have more varieties, including Ginger Gold, Regent, Crimson Crisp and Keepsake, in a few years.)


Apples store best when refrigerated and in a ventilated plastic bag.

Zestar and Kindercrisp can be stored for 3 weeks before a loss in quality. Honeycrisp, Honeygold and Regent can be stored for up to 3 months.

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