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Madeline and Clare Neenan and Peter Mehrkens (married to Clare) have been growing apples in Hager City since 2016. Since then we've had the joy of welcoming the community onto our farm to enjoy our apples and other produce, as well as Driftless region views. We are grateful to spend so much time outdoors in this beautiful place. So far, our kids never miss an opportunity to pick an apple for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack and they continue to teach us all the ways you can play on a farm.

You'll meet Corey Little (Madeline's husband) staffing the salesroom on many fall weekends at the orchard. He is an apple enthusiast who takes pride in making sure the farm is ready to welcome visitors.


John & Karen Neenan (Clare & Madeline's parents) keep us going by providing top-notch childcare. John is often the face of Driftless Orchard at the farmers market. He is one of our biggest fans and is always happy to share the joy and value of on-farm visits and eating food grown with care and attention. Karen's horticulture background means she often has vital advice to offer, especially for our non-orchard plants. We could not keep farming without their time and help!

The Farmers


N3050 Hwy 63

Hager City, WI 54014

We are halfway between Ellsworth, Wisconsin and Red Wing, Minnesota on Highway 63.

Our Practices


We follow the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach to growing fruit. We monitor our crops closely for pests and use organic prevention techniques whenever possible. We don’t want to deal with chemicals any more than you do! Sometimes, a non-organic treatment is the best option to maintain our fruit quality. But we promise: we will never sell you something we’re afraid to eat ourselves.

The Driftless Region


In the corner where Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin meet lies the Driftless region. The last glaciers to move through Wisconsin missed this area, leaving deep river valleys and high bluffs not found in the surrounding Midwest. The rolling hills are beautiful and ideal for growing apples.

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